If you haven’t heard of Blizzard’s premier MMORPG, it may seem quite daunting at first.

Other MMOs usually excel in one or two gameplay areas, but World of Warcraft excels in all areas. Raids in this game are a serious challenge for players, quests are varied and exciting, and each expansion, like the recently released Battle for Azeroth, brings new game mechanics that turn the established rules of the game upside down each time.

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Save your time

With so many expansions and such a rich storyline and lore, it’s no wonder that today’s WoW may seem challenging to you, even if you’ve played it for a long time.

If you do not want to level-up your hero for a long time and tediously, you can contact special services so that they do it for you. Buy boost WoW and enjoy the game at a more advanced level, where the quests are more interesting and exciting.

Free trial period

Before you begin your adventures, you need to know about several ways to start playing World of Warcraft, each of which has its drawbacks. First, if you are a complete beginner, you can use the free trial period, which allows you to develop your character up to level 20. The early levels of the game do not fully reveal all the fun you can get from it when playing later expansions.

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But still, the trial period is a good way to figure out whether you like the game or not, even in such a basic form. If you like it and decide to start playing, you will need to purchase the latest expansion to the game (currently Battle for Azeroth) and pay for game time. Each new expansion has a feature that instantly increases your character’s level to a certain level (in this expansion, it’s level 110).